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“We take the environment into consideration and we take our social responsibility seriously. For us this is not a trend, we have been doing it for years. In order to determine whether our words match our actions for what concerns both production processes and service, we hired a third party to carry out a sustainability test.

What did they find? We are – indeed! – doing the right thing!

Ipskamp Printing as a company has a high score, in comparison with other companies which have just embarked on the path to CSR and sustainability. Our score is relatively high when compared to other industrial companies. The positive result stimulated our implementation of further improvements of our CSR policy.

Some of our measures:

  • Purchase of materials with a lower environmental load
  • Reduce consumption of raw and auxiliary materials (where possible)
  • Optimal waste sorting
  • Purchase of a new press: completely CO₂ free which requires less energy and materials