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Pre-Print Service

It can occur that you run out of time to have your thesis printed. Of course this can have several causes but we offer a good solution might this problem occur; our Pre-Print service. We`ll produce a maximum of 30 copies for you within 3 workingdays. You can deliver these copies at the beadle/university.

How does it work?

Immediately after receiving your pdf-files of your cover and inside we will check them and send you a digital proof. After your approval of this proof we will produce a maximum of 30 copies in advance, the pre-print. You can deliver these copies at the beadle and keep one to check the contents, page setup etc. one final time. Might you encounter any imperfections than you can send us a modified pdf file. We will process this new pdf and produce the rest of the copies.

There are a few requirements however:

  • Delivery of pdf-files before 09.00 a.m.
  • Maximum of 30 copies
  • Digital proof by e-mail
  • Approval of digital proof on same day as receiving it
  • Possible corrections will delay the process by 1 or 2 workingdays.

This service costs € 150,00 above the original price of the order.