Pre-Print service

It could be that you will be short of time to hand in your theses to the Beadle’s Office in time. This can have various causes, but we have a suitable solution for it; our Pre-Print service. We will then immediately produce a maximum of 30 copies for you within 4 working days after submitting your PDF files.
Note: this is without any form of proof! These printed copies will be delivered within 4 working days after the PDF files have been submitted.

After these first copies, you can submit a corrected PDF file at a later stage. We will produce the remaining number of copies of this new PDF file.

With this service we offer you the possibility to provide the Beadle’s Office in time and it also gives you the opportunity to send us a corrected PDF file in a later stage.

For this extra service we have to charge you €250,- on top of the standard cost.