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Cover finish
Would you like to order an additional finish and not the standard cover? You have come to the right place. We have extensive experience with the most diverse cover finishes. For example:

  • Spot UV coating (highlighting using gloss varnish)
  • Embossing (relief image on cover)
  • Laser punching (shapes cut out of the cover)
  • Foil printing
  • Glow in the dark printing

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Interested? Please contact us and we will tell you all about it!

Laminate cover
The cover is usually laminated. This means that a plastic coating is applied on the cover. Lamination protects your cover against scratches and spots and gives your book a beautiful look.

Selecting matte or gloss lamination is a matter of personal preference. Matte lamination lightens the colours on the cover a little and gloss lamination makes colours a little darker. There is no price difference between matte laminating and gloss laminating.

The matte laminate is slightly more fragile. Scratches will show, especially on a darker background. We can provide scratch-resistant matte laminate for your cover at a very modest additional cost.

Your thesis is the jewel that crowns four (or more) years of a hard work. A hardcover shows the value for all to see. You can either decide to print the entire run as hardcover books or only a few copies to keep the costs manageable. Always a nice gift for yourself and close family/friends!

Delivery to multiple addresses
It is not a problem to deliver your thesis to multiple addresses at a small additional cost. If it is required, we can even deliver the thesis at the office of the registrar.

In addition to printing your thesis as a book we can also supply it as an E-book. This E-book is an interactive high-resolution publication in pdf format. This E-book includes features such as text search, zoom, etc. It can be shared and downloaded and it costs only €50,-. We can also host this E-book for you. The E-book can also be linked to a QR code.
Here you can find an example:

QR code
A QR code is often used to provide easy access to a file. Typing a long URL is complicated and error-prone. The QR code is an easy solution. The user scans the QR code to go directly to the underlying linked URL. In this case, your thesis. The QR code is provided for free. The QR code is a perfect addition to your summary or the invitation to your graduation celebrations!

Group discounts & workshops
Are you and a few friends or colleagues interested in having your thesis prepared for printing and/or printed? We offer attractive discounts for groups. Please make an appointment at one of our offices or at your location to discuss all the ins and outs of your thesis printing project.