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In addition to printing a beautiful thesis, we can also supply an E-book. This E-book is an interactive publication of the PDF, a so called flipbook. An E-book includes features such as text search, zoom, etc. It can be shared and downloaded and it costs only €50,-. We can also host this E-book for you. An E-book can also be linked to a QR code.
Here you can find an example:

PDF For The Library

In order to digitally store your thesis in the archive of the University library, we can provide you with a PDF that meets the conditions of the University. We will merge the inside and the cover of your thesis into a so called library-PDF. You can than send this PDF to the University. The only thing you have to do is to let us know that you would also like to receive such a PDF, separate from the printed thesis itself. It’s that easy. Creating this PDF is also for FREE!