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Free Cover Design

You`ll need a graphic software program as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop or Adobe InDesign in order to submit a perfect file for your cover. A Microsoft PowerPoint document for example is not sufficient. But what if you do not have experience with a program as Photoshop or InDesign? Or what if you do not have access to such a graphic software program? In that case you can use our Online Cover Tool for FREE! With this tool you can easily design a perfect file for your cover, including a free bookmark (invitation). It is possible to upload your pictures, insert the necessary text boxes and to make use of many other options. You can save your draft to continue later on. After you have finished the design you can check your cover, and send the file to our company simply by clicking the ORDER button. We will then send you a print proof, as a last check before your cover will be printed.

You can find our FREE cover tool by using this link: