Turnaround time

Please find below a simple time frame for the production of your theses. An extended time frame can be found here.

After we have received your order specifications (number of copies, paper type, addresses etc.) and the PDF files, we normally first send you a bounded hardcopy proof; just like a real book!

Basically this is what our time frame looks like after we have received your (workable) PDF files and started up your order:

  • We need 2 working days for sending you the digital proof by e-mail
  • We need 3 working days for sending you the bounded hardcopy proof by post
  • We need 2 extra working days if you send us corrected PDF files after you have checked the (print) proof. We will send you a digital proof by e-mail of the new PDF files once more.
  • After your final approval we need 7 working days to produce and deliver your theses. We can also deliver your thesis within 4 working days after approval, a so called express order. For that we have to charge you an additional € 250,-.

After your approval upon the (print)proofs we need 7 working days to produce and deliver your theses. With our express service (€150,- extra) we can deliver the theses within 4 working days instead of 6. Please notice that special effects (like spot UV-varnish, embossing etc.) will take circa 2 working days extra.

It is possible, after checking the (print) proof, to send us corrected PDF files. We will process these new PDF files and send you a new digital proof by email within 2 working days .