Additional options

Delivery at multiple addresses

It is our pleasure to deliver your thesis at multiple addresses. Just send us a list of the addresses and the right number of copies and we will do the rest. Easy as that! We can even deliver your thesis at the Beadle’s Office directly. That will save some of your precious time.


Besides printing a beautiful dissertation, we can also provide an E-book. The E-book is an interactive publication of the pdf, a so-called flipbook. This E-book includes features such as text search, zoom, etc. It can be shared and downloaded and it costs only €50,-. We can also create a QR code that links to your E-book. You can then use this QR code to put on a separate invitation or summary that refers to the full thesis.


A QR code is often used to provide easy access to a file. Typing a long URL is complicated and error-prone. The QR code is an easy solution. The user scans the QR code to go directly to the underlying linked URL. In this case, your thesis. The QR code is provided for free. The QR code is a perfect addition to your summary or the invitation to your graduation celebrations!

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Annelies Wassenaar

Very satisfied with Ipskamp Printing as the printer of my thesis. Great contact with staff, quick and clear responses both by telephone and by e-mail. The new printing press prints in high quality with a beautiful thesis as a result. Delivery according to plan.

Pascal van Alphen

Ipskamp Printing made printing my dissertation easy by quickly answering my questions and neatly resolving all obstacles, resulting in a booklet that I will look back on with pride for years to come!

Hai Le The

Great service! I highly recommend to print your PhD thesis with Ipskamp Printing company.

Annemieke Konijnendijk

Good and fast service, and pleasant contact with employees. Wishes that are just different from standard are easily negotiable, and they think along well. The digital quotation tool works well and gives quick insight into the options and costs. I am very happy with the result, both the printed dissertation and the digital e-book version.

Encarna Micó Amigo

They were extremely nice and efficient. The quality of the work was simply amazing (for the cover, the binding and the paper material), at a cheapest price. There were some small problems which they solved on time and efficiently. I totally recommend working with them.

Valentina Bonito

In addition to the prompt responses to my multiple emails, requests for specific delivery schedules and very professional way of working, I was quite impressed to receive the hard copy of the first proof which gave me a feel of what's to come. Highly recommended especially if you have a full colour book like I did!

Joeri van der Velde

The printing of my dissertation at Ipskamp Printing went very well. The offer was clear and complete. The service was neat and helpful. Everything went according to schedule and the end result looked super tight. Compliments!

Machteld Kamminga

Friendly and helpful staff, good price and very nice result. Spot UV varnish recommended!