Special refinements

Do you want more than a standard cover? We will help you out! We have extensive experience with several special cover refinements. For example Hardcover, Spot UV varnish, Embossing, Die Cutting, Foil printing or Glow in the Dark ink.

Your thesis with a Hardcover

Your thesis is something that you have worked hard for, for at least 4 years. A hardcover shows this as no other would. We can print both the entire print run as hardcover, but also only a small print run (starting at 4 copies). A nice gift for yourself or family / friends etc.!

Spot UV varnish on your cover

With this technique you can make particular parts or shapes of your cover shiny. This gives a beautiful effect in combination with matte laminate.

Embossing your cover

With this technique you can punch out different parts or shapes of your cover.

Die Cutting your cover

A part or shape of the cover will be ‘cut out’. This is possible in many creative forms.

Your cover printed with Foil

A part or shape of the cover is printed with a colored, reflective foil. Gold and silver are the most printed colors, but more nice colors of foil are available.

Glow in the Dark ink on your cover

A part or shape of the cover that radiates light in the dark. A unique way to make your thesis stand out. It also allows you to add a ‘hidden message’ to your thesis, that can only be seen in the dark.

Do you want more information?

Want to know all about printing and layouting of your thesis?
Than join our webinar on the 11th of May. Between 12.30 – 13.30 we will tell you all about thesis-printing and layouting!
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